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Business & Invest

Foreign Investors Splash Out On the Gold Coast

Chinese investors accounted for more than half of all foreign investment in residential property on the Gold Coast, splashing more than $148 million during the 2014 financial year. According to leading property analyst Urbis, the total Chinese spend on the Gold Coast increased by $44.4 million in 2013-14 compared to the previous financial year. Urbis Senior Consultant Lynda Campbell said more than $238.3 million was spent by foreigner investors across the Gold Coast in 377 separate transactions. “Total foreign investment across the Gold Coast increased by 7.5 per cent while Chinese investment jumped by a massive 43 per cent,” Ms Campbell said. “The Gold…
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Gold Coast is a hot spot for foreign investors, particularly Chinese investors who accounted for over half of foreign investment in residential property.
Business & Invest

Gold Coast businesses ‘pay it forward’

When it comes to making money, some Gold Coast businesses are up there with the best, but for many, that’s not always the end game. Gold Coast Business News highlights five major local businesses that have chosen to pay their success forward. Collectively, these businesses have raised more than $5 million for local charities, supporting a range of issues from muscular dystrophy to child sexual assault and the protection of animals. From the city’s biggest ASX-listed companies to a real estate group and a car dealership, Gold Coast Business News reveals the stories behind this culture of giving.   Ray White…
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Leading Gold Coast businesses are showing that it's not all about money and sharing their wealth with the community, raising million for local charities.
Business & Invest

City in Focus – the impact of migration patterns and tourism on our city

With a lifestyle that is said to be the envy of many holidaying visitors, the Gold Coast has never had a problem attracting new residents. City in Focus – the impact of migration patterns and tourism on our city If you have an understanding of how the Gold Coast’s economy has historically expanded, then this is not altogether surprising. Even before the city was known as the Gold Coast, it experienced strong population growth. This growth continued throughout the 20th century; spurred on by two of the city’s cornerstones, tourism and migration, as well as its lifestyle. The Gold Coast has…
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The Gold Coast demographics are changing with migration patterns, and to an extent, mirroring our tourism markets.
Business & Invest

Made on the Gold Coast – five cool products you didn’t know were made on the Gold Coast

Cue the clichés, but one of the coolest things to come out of the Gold Coast has to be the bikini – way back in the 1940’s fashion designer Paula Stafford introduced her ‘daring’ designs. While the first two-piece actually originated in France, a young Paula made the bikini synonymous with Surfers Paradise. The designs gradually got skimpier, and in 1952 a top model was asked to leave the beach because her bikini was too revealing – the fifties prudes had no inkling of what was to come in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. The city’s innovation has continued way beyond…
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In food, fashion, design and advanced manufacturing, local companies and innovators are producing some seriously cool stuff.